KFS TV is designed, developed and supported by WinuSoft Web Design.

KFS TV is a free online video channel for alternative sexuality video. WinuSoft Web Design have been working with KFS TV for over 3 years, providing them with web design, development, support and hosting management services. We thoroughly look forward to working with KFS TV long in to the future.

This website has a lot of content, hundreds of videos and images, it is imperative that the site performs consistently and operate smoothly.
We have developed an easily navigated, appealing and content rich website. Website load times are always a great concern for sites with a lot of visual content. The site loads very quickly. For reference we tested and it took just over 5 seconds to load the homepage, KFS TV takes just 3.5 seconds, despite being very image and video heavy. A very capable CDN (Content Delivery Network) has been fully utilised to realise this.

CDNs are included in all WinuSoft Web Design Hosting Packages.

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