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A web design project for Thunder Sparks Ltd, an Electrical Contractor based in Billericay, Essex. They offer a full range of electrical services and have been established since 2019. They wanted a business card style website that makes it incredibly easy to get in touch with them via multiple methods at the touch of a button.
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Meeting Thunder Sparks

We met one of the founders of Thunder Sparks Ltd  purely by chance, as they were contracted to install a complete solar panel system at our old house. We immediately took a shine to the chap and knew him as “Joe the Friendly Solar Guy”.

Thunder Sparks offer a full range of electrical services and whilst they have only been established since 2019, we would gladly recommend their services and take advantage of their years of combined experience.

Based in Billericay, Essex, Thunder Sparks are now quite a distance from our new location near Thetford in Norfolk, but that didn’t get in the way of building their new website or redesigning their logo. A few text messages and emails can be all that’s needed when a client has a concise idea of how they’d like their site built.

Building Their Site

The existing site that had been built for the company was unrefined and the design wasn’t quite what the founders had asked for. They wanted a business card style, one-page website that makes it incredibly easy to get in touch with them via multiple methods at the touch of a button.

We took the reins and developed their vision into an impactful and accessible website. We put a spin on the ordinary business card style, and created a hybrid home page; a landing page crossed with a business card. The hero image is very striking and is filled with contact and social media details.

We added nice, easily navigable menus for both mobile and desktop users, and hope that through our on-page SEO efforts that they see an increase in their site traffic and grow as a business.

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