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A web design project for Wellness UK, the UK's Sole Importer and Distributor of Wellness USA's premium commercial spa, wellness & weight management equipment. All of their products are designed and constructed utilising the highest quality components and processes, resulting in unparalleled development and distribution of weight management, pain relief, wellness, fitness and spa equipment.
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Web Design Goals & Scope

Wellness UK got in touch with us and left a message about rebuilding their website. We had a conversation with them the following day, and after getting to know the company a bit better we devised a plan.

They were looking to establish a polished, modern website that is easy to navigate, and also to increase their site traffic.

The Outcome

We built them a beautiful site that exceeded their expectations, increased the organic traffic to the site with on-page SEO and upped conversion rates; which means they’re getting more enquiries!

Together, we worked on creating a site that provides its users with everything they could want to know about the innovative products offered by Wellness UK. You can make contact with a salon or spa that uses Wellness UK equipment or simply get in touch with Kevin to have a chat about placing your order for your very own Infrared Wellness Pod.

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