Increasing traffic to your site through Search Engine Optimisation.


Our SEO services help to increase the organic traffic to your site, improving and growing the results you see from your marketing. By improving your site’s visibility on search engines you will see an increase in your site traffic and are likely to increase your site's conversion rate at the same time. 

Our Process

Good SEO takes time, it's an ongoing process. Here's an overview of our approach.

Phase 1


This is an opportunity to get to know you, understand your goals, resources, successes/failures and any existing SEO processes.

Phase 2

Technical SEO Audit

We review your site to ensure there are no barriers that prevent search engines from crawling or indexing your site. This will also give us a finer understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the site.

Phase 3

Content Audit

An analysis of your sites content to understand what is (and isn't) working well for you.

Phase 4

Keyword Research

We explore what your customers are searching for. This will highlight gaps in your current keywords and how you perform against competitors.

Phase 5

Competitor Research

We assess your competitors SEO performance, along with the trends in your industry.

Phase 6


We document our findings, propose our strategy and discuss both of these with you.