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As well as running WinuSoft Web Design, Phe spent 4 years as a Senior Support Specialist for Oxygen Builder. These tutorials should cover some of the more common requests received via Oxygen support tickets to help you get the most out of your Oxygen site.
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How to create an accordion using Oxygen's Tabs element

How to Create an Accordion using Oxygen’s Tabs Element

Right, onto the magic! First off, add Oxygen's Tabs element to your site and configure it as needed...

What Is Oxygen Builder?

Oxygen is a great WordPress plugin that gives you full control over your site - from the header to the footer, and everything in between. As well as giving you the ability to design every aspect of the site visually, Oxygen also makes it easy for you to do more complex things, such as loop though lists of posts and design their layout, or conditionally show content based on Conditions set using PHP. And, if that's not enough, you can also write PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript directly in the builder.

Essentially, it's a developers builder. There can be a steep learning curve when you first begin using it, but it's worth the perseverance as the power it gives you is incredible.

Whether you have an existing Oxygen site, you'd like your site built in Oxygen, or you're somewhere in the middle, we're sure we can help you with your project.
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